Smart Internet
for the Smart Economy

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Open Back-ends

nOS Decentralized Applications (dApps) have open, transparent, and immutable back-end code running on Smart Contract platforms, including NEO and Ethereum.

Crypto as Utility Tokens

When using multiple dApps, users never have to work with different tokens. End-users only use their own preferred crypto-currency tokens, and nOS automatically converts it to the proper amount of tokens required for a specific transaction or invocation.

Universal Smart Contract

The nOS Universal Smart Contract (USC) is generally applicable. It offers popular dApp back-end functions such as CRUD and Authentication.

Decentralized Authority

Users can stake nOS tokens to gain voting power on the nOS platform. High quality applications get rewarded and become more discoverable, while users are more protected from low reputation applications.


Dean van Dugteren

Dean van Dugteren

Founder & CEO

Developer at City of Zion
Founder VDT.Network
Founder Click.DJ

Matt Huggins

Matt Huggins

Lead Developer

Developer at City of Zion
Maintainer of Neon Wallet

Jeroen Peeters

Jeroen Peeters

Developer & Project Management

Front-end Consultant at Evance
Contributor at City of Zion
Creator of Neoblog

Maurice Dalderup

Maurice Dalderup

Full-stack Developer

Blockchain Consultant at Trase
Contributor at City of Zion
Creator of Neoblog

Fabricio Rosa Marques

Fabricio Rosa Marques

Contributor (Design)

Sr. Product Design at
Sr. Product Design at
UI Design at fournova


Roger Lim

Roger Lim

NEO Global Capital
Founding Partner

Advisor to Bluzelle, QLink, Tomocoin, 0Chain, Open Platform.



What lies ahead for nOS

April 2018

Initial Release

nOS publishes its GitHub repositories, including MVP client, development environment, and Smart Contract back-end. 

Q2 2018

nOS Testnet Release

nOS releases its first public testnet and end-user client with initial useable decentralized applications (dApps).

Q3 2018

nOS Token Generation Event

nOS will hold a Token Sale TGE for its utility token.

Q3 2018

nOS Adoption Fund

nOS will launch its Smart Economy Adoption Fund, aimed towards improving adoption and development of dApps on nOS.

Q4 2018

Decentralized Filesystem Research

nOS will initiate Research & Development on
Peer-to-Peer Data File Sharing Methods, with the goal of building a completely Decentralized Open Internet.


nOS 1.0

nOS will release its 1.0 Client, publish its Smart Contracts on the NEO Mainnet, and release the nOS Open Internet 1.0.

Frequently Asked Questions

nOS is a user-friendly desktop and mobile application.
Think of nOS as an app store and web browser, a virtual operating system, with the ability to access a new, decentralized internet. On this new internet, apps work transparently and openly. Your data is safe, and it only goes where you want it to go. 

1. Websites and apps host their content in a completely open and decentralized manner using NEO Smart Contracts, giving users complete insight about what happens with their data.

2. When using multiple dApps, users never have to work with different tokens. End-users only use NEO's utility token GAS, and nOS automatically converts it to the proper amount of NEP-5 tokens required for a specific transaction or invocation. 

Yes! The nOS MVP Client is available on GitHub. Currently, developers can build nOS apps on their own NEO Privatenet. Soon, nOS will release its Testnet where users will be able to interact with nOS applications.

NEO is a Blockchain for the Smart Economy. It's a platform that allows developers to create Smart Contracts: transparent and immutable computer code that can be run by anyone. nOS apps use Smart Contracts for their back-end code, giving users complete security and transparency.

nOS will hold a Token Generation Event (TGE) in Q3 2018. Developers who are contributing to nOS, or are building apps on nOS will receive priorities in the whitelisting process. If you're looking to contribute and/or build nOS apps, join our Discord Server.