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Easily use apps that integrate with crypto-currencies. Contribute crypto to the apps you care about with Attention-Based Rewards.

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A decentralized portal where apps can be listed and discovered, managed entirely by voter-elected curators.

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Stake, send, and receive digital assets, and vote for delegates and curators on the nOS Network.


nOS lets you easily trade crypto-currencies and other digital assets, directly from nOS Browser.

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The nOS team consists of experienced developers and researchers with a history in blockchain and smart contract development. With roots in City of Zion, many members of the team have developed on (and for) the NEO Blockchain.

Dean van Dugteren

Founder & Blockchain Developer
  • Founder Click.DJ
  • Founder VDT.Network
  • Developer at City of Zion

Maurice Dalderup

Full-stack Developer
  • Blockchain Consultant at Trase
  • Contributor at City of Zion
  • Creator of Neoblog

Fabricio Rosa Marques

UI / UX Designer
  • Lead Designer at Pitch
  • Product Designer at Pie
  • Designer at fournova (Tower)

Nick Nikijuluw

Enterprise Solutions Advisor
  • Managing Director at Data Access Europe

Roger Lim

  • Neo Global Capital Founding Partner
  • Advisor to Bluzelle, QLink, Tomocoin, 0Chain, Open Platform.

Nikolaj Kuntner

Research Contributor
  • Developer at City of Zion
  • Laboratory Technician at Institute of Science and Technology Austria
  • Software Engineer at DAQRI

Alexandra Bergmayr

Research Contributor
  • B.Sc. in Technical Mathematics
  • B.Sc. in Financial and Actuarial Mathematics

Matt Huggins

Code Contributor
  • Developer at City of Zion
  • Former maintainer of Neon Wallet