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Access the new, decentralized internet. nOS is the virtual operating system for the Smart Economy.

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Open Internet Browser

Use nOS Client and experience the open, decentralized internet. Access applications (dApps) that use the nos:// protocol, interact with crypto-currencies, and own your data.

dApp Gateway

Discover decentralized applications in our user-friendly dApp Gateway. Unlike traditional App Stores, nOS applications are ranked in an open and decentralized manner.

Crypto Wallet

Manage, send, and receive crypto-currencies and digital assets securely in the Wallet tab of nOS Client.


Powered by NEX, nOS lets you easily trade crypto-currencies and other digital assets, directly from nOS Client.

Token Utility

NOS Token

NOS is the backbone of the nOS Virtual Operating System.Please note that we are still adding new utilities. Not all listed features are live yet.

Domain Names

Transaction Fees

Application Use

Token Conversion

App Voting

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Decentralized Apps Showcase

Download nOS Client to check out early nOSNet Community dApps.


Voteo is a decentralized poll and quiz platform. Users can create public and private polls. The goal is to build a platform that can be used for political elections.



Posts.neo is a decentralized forum application. Users can create topics, write replies, and more.


nOS Tracker

nOS Tracker utilizes a Telegram bot to send you notifications about your nOS wallet activities.

nOS Tracker


NeoChat is a decentralized messenger that support message encryption.


Bet Manager

Bet Manager is a decentralized betting platform that allows users to bet on sports and anything else.

Bet Manager

nOS dApp Infrastructure

nOS client

nOS Browser

Applications are served in a sandboxed environment using the end-users’s hard drive and client-side rendering

dApp Gateway

Applications displayed in the dApp Gateway are ranked in a democratic and decentralized manner via decentralized Authority

Decentralized Authority

nOS Protocol

dApps are served through the nOS Protocol, a distributed web protocol that integrates nOS Name Service, accessible by nOS Client

nOS decentralized application stack

nOS API Front-end



  • HTTP Requests may be made from the client side
  • The end-user can review and approve HTTP requests via the same method as transactions and invocations

Smart Contract Platform

Applications can choose to build their back-end using smart contracts


The nOS team consists of experienced developers and researchers with a history in blockchain and smart contract development. With roots in City of Zion, many members of the team have developed on (and for) the NEO Blockchain.

Dean van Dugteren

Founder & CEO
  • Developer at City of Zion
  • Founder VDT.Network
  • Founder Click.DJ

Jeroen Peeters

Developer / Project Manager
  • Front-end Consultant at Evance
  • Contributor at City of Zion
  • Creator of Neoblog

Maurice Dalderup

Full-stack Developer
  • Blockchain Consultant at Trase
  • Contributor at City of Zion
  • Creator of Neoblog

Fabricio Rosa Marques

Design Contributor
  • Lead Designer at Pitch
  • Product Designer at Pie
  • Designer at fournova (Tower)

Nikolaj Kuntner

Research Contributor
  • Developer at City of Zion
  • Laboratory Technician at Institute of Science and Technology Austria
  • Software Engineer at DAQRI

Alexandra Bergmayr

Research Contributor
  • B.Sc. in Technical Mathematics
  • B.Sc. in Financial and Actuarial Mathematics

Matt Huggins

Code Contributor
  • Developer at City of Zion
  • Former maintainer of Neon Wallet

Nick Nikijuluw

Enterprise Solutions Advisor
  • Managing Director at Data Access Europe

Roger Lim

  • Neo Global Capital Founding Partner
  • Advisor to Bluzelle, QLink, Tomocoin, 0Chain, Open Platform.